why "art code" ?

In architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. Art code is now being used by a new generation of architecture designers to explore innovative ways of generating form and translating ideas in a wide range of creative architectural disciplines

The Wave in vejle by henning larsen architects

'The wave in vejle' is a new sculptural housing landmark of vejle, denmark. with an ideal location overlooking the promenade and the bay the characteristic building both respects and challenges the potential of the area. 
During the day the white waves are reflected in the sea and at night the characteristic profile looks like illuminated multi-coloured mountains. The building has 140 attractive apartments many with two storey house plans, all with views.
The wave is inspired by the characteristics of the area: the fjord, the bridge, the town and the hills. The clear and easily recognisable signature of the building connects the residential area with the sea, the landscape and the town.

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