why "art code" ?

In architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. Art code is now being used by a new generation of architecture designers to explore innovative ways of generating form and translating ideas in a wide range of creative architectural disciplines

Nestle Social Block by guillermo hevia

The building is crowned by a suspended roof, facades with a double-skin, the additional multiuse water pond serves as fire-water standby and cooling system through evaporation for the sun exposed facades in the hot period.
The double-skin, made out of corten steel, which wraps around the building, create an avant-garde image. Constructed as a continuous surface, it protects against the solar radiation and due to its separation to the building, it creates a vertical Venturi ventilation, supplying temperated air on account of the evaporation of the surrounding pond. This metallic double skin consists out of different perforation treatments, plain sheets and black glass.
The corten steel is a meterial which oxidates in a short term period, in order to create its own protection, neutralizing its deterioration. Engender the image of a living organizm, which changes its tonality (orange ocher, brown) in time and furthermore by the different angle of the sunbeams and changing daylight. It contrasts with the in sight concrete walls and the black metal of the roof. The rhythm of the designed standart-sheets breaks the monotony of the plane suspended surface and has been systematically illuminated to strengthen the night image of the building.

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