why "art code" ?

In architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. Art code is now being used by a new generation of architecture designers to explore innovative ways of generating form and translating ideas in a wide range of creative architectural disciplines

The Cullen by jackson clements burrows architects

Conceptually the idea was developed by abstracting the gardens beyond into a vertical landscape of green zinc cantilevered boxes. 
Internally the boxes are finished in a shade of green to reinforce the idea of a landscape that is continuous from commercial road interface. On the commercial road facade, this idea is inverted as random ‘pockets’ of virtual landscape. 
The scale and perceived depths of the balconies and windows are manipulated, reducing the building mass and referencing the turrets and datums in the surrounding context.

hot design book

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